Antique clocks still at 25% off and trains at 10% off.

Antique clocks still at 25% off and vintage model trains at 10% off.

The semi retirement sale continues with a slight adjustment in prices, the discount has returned to 25% for clocks and antiques but has had to reduce to 10% for trains – they are still genuine bargains but were just going too quickly!

Come and visit or browse the site and see what you can find.


The great grandfather of Swiss cuckoo clocks?

There is an interesting travel blog here in the FreePressJournal, talking about Bern’s spectacular clock tower.

For anyone who loves old mechanical items and clocks in particular, this one is rather special.

It’s probably a little unfair to class it as the father of cuckoo clocks but the tower has had a clock in it since 1405 making it the ancestor of many swiss masterpieces.

Enjoy the article.


It must be Christmas – 25% off all trains and rolling stock

It must be Christmas – I’ve added all trains and rolling stock to the semi retirement sale with 25% off prices.

These have to be the perfect Christmas present for any collector or person keen on double OO gauge classic model trains.

All our Wrenn vintage trains come boxed and are in great working order. If you are able to come into Stow on the Wold here in the Cotswolds they are on display and you are welcome to view them in detail.



A star filled local attraction

A star filled local attraction? More celebrities in the Cotswolds? I read earlier that Tom Cruise was spotted in Bourton on the Water in July.

No this is much more interesting, to me at least.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has produced a series of ‘tranquility maps’ covering the country, and the map for the Cotswolds AONB shows that there is much less light pollution and noise in comparison with many parts of southern England.

This makes it an ideal area to watch the night sky as with far less light pollution, the viewer sees more. Whether you have a powerful telescope or just gazing with your own eyes, the clearer the sky the better. Stow on the Wold being the highest point in the Cotswolds makes the perfect area to stay and for anyone mechanically minded our antique clocks are a second draw, especially with our semi retirement sale now on.

Cllr Chris Hancock, CDC’s Cabinet Member responsible for tourism, said:

We are always looking for new ways to promote the charms of the Cotswolds and we want to reach out to the many people who appreciate the value of dark skies and tranquility.


We want future generations to enjoy these wonderful benefits, and the emerging Cotswold District Local Plan will help us counter any development that is likely to result in unacceptable levels of pollution, such as light and noise, and the effects on amenity, health and the natural environment. At the practical level, when new developments are proposed our planners insist that they are equipped with modern and heritage lighting solutions that minimise pollution.”

Read more at gloucestershirelive



Cotswold Winter Tours – an opportunity to buy a little more time

Tis the start of the season to be … well shopping.


The Christmas shopping season is upon us and around here that means Christmas shopping tours to Bath, Bourton on the Water and Stow on the Wold and even one with afternoon tea at Highgrove House included within the festive itinerary.


Stow on the Wold will be filled with market stalls tempting you to buy this and that and the local pubs and restaurants will be welcoming everyone with good food and cheer. 

And our 25% off semi retirement sale will still be in full force so unlike every other venue, we will be able to provide you with that extra special and so rare a commodity around Christmas, more time. Admittedly only in the form of beautiful, antique clocks.

We have exceptional antique long case clocks, both grandfather clocks and the smaller granddaughter clocks, with painted and brass dials, moon phase and in walnut, mahogany and oak original handcrafted cases.

We have fine antique french clocks, antique mantel clocks, antique carriage clocks, bracket clocks and barometers.

We even have collectors model trains though from a very much newer vintage, 1960’s and newer.

So if on your Cotswold Winter Tour you have a little extra time or would like some more time, drop in and pay us a visit.



Blenheim Palace prepares to put the clocks back

British Summer Time is at an end and this weekend we have to put our clocks back again.

There is an interesting article in The Herald about Julian Newman the horologist that looks after Blenheim Palace’s 30 historic clocks and the process he goes through to put the clocks back and reset each of them, this time of year.

Before Greenwich Mean Time became adopted, the palace ran on its own time set by the use of a sundial combined with the longitude of the palace. Time in Blenheim would have been just over 5 minutes behind GMT.

Another interesting snippet from the article relates to the repair of the Boulle pedestal timepiece kept in the third State Room at Blenheim. Whilst at the restorers, the original winding key was found at the bottom of the casing where it is estimated to have sat for at least 50 years! If you’ve ever mislaid the key to your clock at least you know now you are in very good company.

Should UK time match US time?

I read another interesting article on the ins and outs of ‘put the clocks back’ but from a rather different perspective. Now we are leaving Europe, should we change our clocks with those in the United States and Canada? This would mean putting them back on the first Sunday in November and forward on the second Sunday in March. It is an interesting idea!

The article is in the Spectator and makes for an enjoyable read. My favourite suggestion from it is to –

bring a private petition to Parliament demanding that Britain formally adopt the UK tabloid approach to metrication, where all low temperatures are reported in Celsius and highs in Fahrenheit.

On a more serious note …

If you reset your clock and things go wrong, we are here to help, give us a call for advice or drop the clock in if small enough to carry. We specialise more and more in repairs and restoration and in preserving the original workings and pleasure of antique clocks.


Historic Hampton clock to go back on display

Here is a good news story I found about a Historic Hampton clock to go back on display after being damaged in a fire 26 years ago.

The article is in the New Hampshire Union Leader and tells of the damage and then the story of the eventual restoration of the clock.

The clock and its bell were given to the town by John T. Brown of Newburyport, Mass., in 1897, and it was placed at the hall. During a fire in January 1990, the weights fell to the ground and the clock was dismantled the following month.


The clock has been lovingly rebuilt and will shortly be fully working and on display outside the local school –

restored historic hampton clock - Styles of Stow


Its good to see historic pieces brought back and given new life and purpose.

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