Even the most  treasured  antique clock or barometer can suffer the effects of use and passing of time.

To ensure your treasured antique clock or barometer continues to give pleasure and continue to be your reliable ever lasting friend its essential to trust your family heirloom to a family firm long established with over 75 years experience at its finger tips in the repair of such treasured possessions.

Our golden rule is to CONSERVE not just RESTORE any antique clock or barometer, most repairs take the easier route of restoration automatically supplying or making new parts, this is a last resort, we at STYLES OF STOW always start from the view point of saving as much as possible of an antique clock or barometer entrusted to us for repair.

We have fully equipped workshops dedicated to the conservation of the full range of antique clocks and barometers, with father and son working alongside each other in bringing your family heirloom back to life to continue to give a continuing life time of loyal and accurate service.

We pay the same careful professional attention to all clocks and barometers entrusted to us, irrespective of monetary value or maker, whether it be a Westminster chiming clock from the 1950s to Bracket or Longcase clock made by a great maker, or a banjo  or stick barometer. All of are of importance to the owner and we share that responsibility.

We are every day undertaking conservation repairs on a wide range of antique clock and barometers  including :

Longcase Clocks
Bracket Clocks
Carriage clocks
Wall clocks
Mantle Clocks
Ormolu clocks
Spelter Clocks
Lantern clocks
Moonphase Clocks
Automation Clocks
Musical clocks
Aneroid Barometers
Banjo barometers
Stick Barometers

The conservation of a major family heirloom by ourselves will continue to give many years of ongoing pleasure to the owner and always a continued interest from ourselves throughout its life time.

S3721 Antique Grandfather Clock from Styles of Stow , Stow on the Wold

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